This is a 20 Hour Online Instructor Classroom

1 Introduction to Selenium What is Testing
What is Test Automation
Introduction to Selenium
2 Selenium WebDriver Installing and setting Selenium WebDriver with Python
“1. Inspecting Web Elements
2. Selenium Locators”
“1. Find Element
2. Find Elements Methods”

“Running Selenium Tests on:
1. Firefox
2. Chrome
3. IE browsers”
Working with Web Element’s Properties and Methods
“Working with different WebElements:
Text Box
Drop Down
List Box
Check box
Radio button
Web Table.”
“1. Working with:
2. Taking Screen Shots “
3 Synchronization Synchronizing a test with an implicit wait
Synchronizing a test with an explicit wait
4 Mouse and Keyboard Interactions Action Class in Selenium – Mouse and Keyboard Interactions
How to upload files
5 Selenium and Framework Introduction to Framework and its types
Data driven testing Using Excel Sheet
What is Page Object Model (POM)
Page Factory
Implementing POM