Selenium 3.0 with Java is one of the most popular skill required in the market of software testing. Over the years the popularity of Selenium has only increased. And starting 2017, with the introduction of IoT applications, the market is expanding more towards open source technologies, and automation of various tasks of the software product life cycle.

Course Duration (Online Instructor Led):
Total Duration: 36 hrs. 5 Weeks. 4 Days in a week. Each session will be for 90-120 minutes.

About Trainer: Our Selenium Trainer has an experience of 12 years in working in the field of software testing, specially dealing with making frameworks and customized solutions for both functional and non functional testing using open source technologies.

Course Outline:

Week 1 – Introduction to Selenium and Java
o What is Testing
o What is Test Automation
o Introduction to Selenium
o Introduction to the Live Web Application
o Concepts of Automation using Selenium via Selenium IDE
o Limitations of Selenium IDE
o Introduction to Programming
o What is Java
o Features of Java Programming Language
o Data types in Java
o Operators in Java
o Conditional and Looping Statement in Java

Week 2 – Advance Java
o Arrays, Hashes
o Files and Regular Expression
o Object Oriented Programming Concepts- Classes, Packages, Interfaces, Inheritance etc
o Exception Handling

Week 3 – Selenium WebDriver
o Installing and setting Selenium WebDriver
o Concept of WebElements, By, and WebDriver
o Parameterization and Synchronization
o Asserting tests using object and text
o Handle basic and advance web elements like input elements, form, frame, table, drop down
o Running Selenium Tests on other browsers

Week 4 – Advance Automation With Selenium
o Selenium Grid
o Databases Testing
o What is Page Object Model
o Action Class in Selenium
o Working with Auto IT
o Working with Sikuli

Week 5– Selenium and Framework
o What is Maven
o Introduction to Framework and its types
o Components of Framework
o Demo of Hybrid and Keyword Framework
o Advance Topics

Benefits of Enrolling with Prozenics
1. Hands on course, with a lot of practical examples.
2. Live Web application to test
3. Long term support for course, and access to video and other materials
4. Competitive pricing and high quality of training imparted